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Vittha Marathi Movie

Movie : Vittha
Star cast : Urmila Kothare, Upendra Limaye
Director : Pundalik Dhumal
Producer : Dinesh Agrawal, Mrs. Pritam Dinesh Agrarwal, Shubhadha Bhosale and Pundalik Dhumal
Screenplay and dialogues : Pundalik Dhumal and Shantanu Rode
Cinematographers : Sanjay Jadhav and Devendra Golatkar
Choreographer : Phulwa Khamkar
Release Date : NA

Folk arts have been seen dying, in front of ours, with some not even acquainted with the idea of “Tamasha”, a form of folk dance, residing from the state of Maharashtra. “Vitthabai Narayangaonkar”, the pioneer of the “Tamasha”, kept the essence smelling fresh dancing at the tender age of eleven with the sound of “Ghungharoos”, till her seventies, making the folk art a recognition, among the public grasping the government attention, of granting her a President’s Award as the very first female artist receiving one.
Motion pictures on real life, is a way to dignify beautiful souls of qualification standing out. Producers are Dinesh Agrawal, Mrs. Pritam Dinesh Agrarwal, Shubhadha Bhosale has grouped up, to make a film on the remarkable movement of “Vitthabai Narayangaonkar”, under the direction of “Pundalik Dhumal”, producing, screenplay, dialogues and the writing the plot with “Shantanu Rode”, with cinematographers “Sanjay Jadhav and Devendra Golatkar” and art director “Mahesh Salgaonkar”. With a film depending on the topic of folk dance, “Tamasha Express Vitha essentially”, needs music of strong roots to support the movie, which has been taken care of under music directors “Ajit Parab, Sameer Mhatre and Rohit Nagbhide”, and choreographer “Phulwa Khamkar”, fulfilling the substantial need.
With main leads “Upendra Limaye”, no doubt will nail the role played, actress “Urmila Kanitkar-Kothare” is been looked upon, withexpectations to do justice to the character of “Vitthabai Narayangaonkar” imparting the position of “Tamasha” folk art of Maharashtra, in the eyes of the public, with acquiring fame, money, prestige but misery in her terminus stage.
“Tamasha Express Vittha”, is a tribute to “Vitthabai Narayangaonkar”, Citygossiper team is obliged to showcase a work, stamping the vibrancy of folk art of Maharashtra till date.
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