Upcoming Bollywood Movie “1920 London” ready to released : Watch Trailer


After two years, the third installment of the hit horror franchise, ‘1920 London,’ is finally ready to come out of cold storage. And no one could be happier than Nitin Bhatkar, former CFO and now one of the directors of ASA which was co-producing the film along with Reliance Entertainment. He’s hoping that this time the company he heads will be given due credit. A lot has changed in the three years since the film was launched with former ASA directors Anju Bishnoi and Vikram Bhatt resigning and Phantom Films joining hands with Reliance which has partly financed the film. Bishnoi also got a subsidy from the UK government as almost the entire film is shot in London.

“We were on track till it went over-budget and shooting came to a halt. There was just four days of work remaining and then the post-production, but ASA which was facing a cash crunch with no income or recovery on its films, didn’t have the money to complete it,” admits Nitin. He adds that several other projects were also affected, including ‘Bhaag Johnny,’ ‘Creature 3D’ and ‘Hate Story 2’.

The ‘Hate Story’ sequel was eventually completed and released by T-Series, which had invested in it, without giving ASA credit. In the case of ‘1920 London,’ even though Phantom and Reliance have completed the film, Nitin is hoping for credit.

However, speaking to Mirror from Romania where he is filming ‘Raaz Reboot,’ Vikram Bhatt points out that the Bishnoi brothers, Ajay and Anju, who ran ASA, took funds from T-Series but did not finish the three films they had committed to. “Since I was a director at the time, I completed ‘Creature 3D,’ ‘Bhaag Johnny’ and ‘Hate Story 2’ with my personal funds because of the goodwill I share with T-Series, them chipping in. After that there was no chance of ASA getting any credit.”

The film releases on April 22 as planned.”

Trailer of 1920 London :-