Ubuntu Movie Trailer : Today’s Reality & Dedication to do Something

Movie:- Ubuntu (उबुंटू)
Starring:- Sarang Sathaye, Shashank Shende, Umesh Jagtap , Bhagyashree Shankpal, Kanha Bhave, Atharva Padhye, Arati More.
Directed By :- Pushkar Sudhakar Shrotri
Written By:- Pushkar Shrotri (Original Story : Bhalchandra Kubal )
Screenplay By:- Pratima Kulkarni
Dialogues :- Pushkar Shrotri, Arvind Jagtap, Parag Oza
Produced By:-Pushkar Sudhakar Shrotri

A seed of change is sowed in a child, to reap into a revolutionary!
A thought to go against the flow, a matter of change to bring quality in the lives of the people. A revolution wouldn’t happen all by itself but compel. Evoking questions, it is teachers who give birth to the revolutionaries. Modification defines development and revolution is what one need to corroborate.
Ubuntu an upcoming Marathi movie releasing on 15th September, 2017 meaning,“I am there because we are there” a word given by the revolutionary legend ‘Nelson Mandela’ who believed in making change happen and the world his audience witnessing his victory.
A Marathi motion picture with the authenticity kept in mind, filmed in a village where education weighs a value zero. Showcases the fight with the people they call their own, the people they looked up to while growing up, the people they thought would support them in matters of all. But what happens when the people you thought would stand with you , shield against for the things that would aid an alteration, that is the only hope of its people to thrive on. A unit they depend on that would make their world a place of accomplishments.

What happens when we confide in those, who act up against? Ubuntu, is a journey of the students striving for a change, a combat with their loved ones, for the sake of revolution. A film that’ll make you bow willingly to the teachers all over that make it happen, mould the brains and enhance the perspective that’ll make new things take place. A class of 15, lead by one guarding the horizons of education they are in pursuit of, against the people they call their own. With a belief to make an impact, on the lives of the villagers who reckon that the teacher is the one contaminating their minds with education. With a decision of shutting the school down if the number of pupils won’t increase to 35. A struggle of not only the one who teaches but for the ones who wants to learn, amidst the cultural restraints of child marriage, no academic motivation and restricted morals wrapped under what they call traditions.

What will the children do to fight against the repression inflicted? Will they succeed in what they have decided to? Or will they have to shut down their school? To find out hit the theatres on 15th September, 2017 with an intention to make the change happen around.