Timepass fame Jayesh Chavan hits the Hindi film industry with a short film – The Millionaire

Ever thought about the lives of the chaps working their arse off at the tea stalls, their dreams. Never even an idea emerging a short film , keeping them in mind, but the Marathi film industry goes out of the way, to prove that a spicy, masala, comedy, drama pack is not all the audiences want, some movies based on the Aam admi like these are really appreciated by most of the sensible hearer-ship.

Yes! A short film on not “aye chaivala” but “Chaiwala Raju” played by “Time pass fame Jayesh.C.Chavan” showcasing him dreaming to own a chai ki tapir (tea stall) , a house and a wife a bit better looking than him. But in reality the stall and the house is his owners, and the girl not even close to liking him. The short film has a fun element to introduce the owner of the tea stall and his wife, making you glue your eyes to your desktop till the clip reaches the end. Most of the viewers will relate to my perspective of never thinking, of labelling a move millionaire based on a boy working at a tea stall, but this film will leave you laughing and making you release how a lottery ticket can change the behavior of the people around, from being rude to real affectionate, with a whoop on their faces at last.

A must watch short film, citygossiper.com encourage films with a moral to make the young audiences realize the true faces of what lies behind the world. Just clink the link below and enjoy the movie with a lesson at last.

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