“Tathasthu” – First Marathi Silent Thriller Film On Zee Talkies


Tathasthu – A Silent Thriller

Film – “Tathasthu”
Genre – Thiller
Mode – Silent
Language – Marathi
Channel Telecast – Zee Talkies
Timings – 10 pm Saturday and repeat telecast on Sunday 10 pm
Date – 3rd December, 2016.

“Zee” is full of zeal these days, in mood to swing the tentative flag, of suspense giving us the chills, as if the December chills isn’t enough! In a full-fledged mood to clean-bowl the contender channels and throwing the leather ball of a genre of its kind, in the movements of the heavy blowing bat contest, “Zee Talkies” came up with a silent flick annexing suspense, resulting into Marathi entertainment town, first ever sound free motion picture of a period of 60 minutes, displaying a performance oozing arts from every section of the short flick possible.

Conducting a lip-zipped concept, is a thought capricious and amusing, with giving a chance to hit the wicket relying on the narration, the plot mind capturing and the actors performing. Sandeep Pathak and Madhavi Nimkar, potential as actors will be challenged in this movie. With content scarce, likewise “Tathasthu”, airing on Saturday 3rd December 2016 at 10 pm. the Marathi film-makers always leave their mark, signing, out of the ordinary matter, in terms of cinema. Citygossiper commends “Zee Talkies”, for striking a chance in a storyline, lingering amidst befalling and hitting a six.

Tathasthu – Marathi Promo / Trailer 

Photo Courtesy – Zee Talkies

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