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Ashok Saraf plays a cop in”Shentimental”

Movie – Shentimental
Genre- Dark Comedy
Language- Marathi
Director- Sameer Patil
Starring- Upendra Limaya , Mahesh Limaya and Raghuveer Yadav and Ashok Saraf
Duration- N/A
Release Date- N/A
(Post-production in progress)

Ashok Saraf” is one of the names that is looked onto with utter esteem. Hearer-ship from the Hindi speaking section as well as Marathi, recognizes the works of the erstwhile performer. His works like “Hum Paanch”, portraying a role of a father of five with comedy making our stomachs ache, and “Dada Kondke’s- Pandu Havaldaar”, made his famous among crowd all over, almost 4 decades ago.
With skills of perfection in performing arts, “Ashok Saraf” is looked upon and applauded with implicit appreciation. His works are still breathing between us, making him a successor winning our hearts. Keeping that in mind, director “Sameer Patil”, has molded “Shentimental”, starring “Upendra Limaya , Mahesh Limaya and Raghuveer Yadav and Ashok Saraf, in an idea of dark comedy, through a Marathi film shedding light on the life of a cop. Dark comedy is a kind, in terms of humor sense pertaining to irony and sarcasm. It’s unconventional, to see film-makers experimenting genres of this kind.
“Shentimental”, would be a movie of expectations tagging actors of potential holding pinnacle position in the Marathi film fraternity. Hoping this movies to be a treat for the eyes.

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