Sameer Asha Patil Directed By Marathi Movie ‘Chourya’ Trailer

Apart from the director, Sameer Asha Patil, one must make a point to acknowledge the work of producers Navalakha Arts and Holy Basil Combine, who are responsible for continuously looking out for new talent and different subjects over the past few years.

Usually working with first-time directors, they have been responsible for films like Fandry, Shala and the upcoming Rakshas and Chourya. Chourya has the backdrop of a well-known place of pilgrimage, where the village is supposedly protected by a holy power.

There is no crime and villagers rest easy without locks on their doors. One fine day, the godly community is shocked by a robbery in the temple trust. With a reliable cast of senior actors like Kishore Kadam, Ganesh Yadav and Milind Shinde, the film is disguised as a thriller but is a social commentary at its core. Hardcore thrillers are a rare commodity in Marathi, so this may be an interesting addition.