Robot 2 Trailer : Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson


Goosebumps! All over, “The Mighty Rajinikanth” film in 2017! “Thalaiva” (Leader) he surely is!
Presumptuous notions, have been clear of, who will be playing a villain against “Superstar Rajinikanth”, in ”Robot 2.0” in a run, leaving the “Khans” of B-town behind, “Khiladi Kumar” grabbed the chair, of the occasion of a life-time and sat on it.
Being an indescribable fan of his, just needs no rational clarification of why I opted for this post, absolutely star-struck. A magnanimous persona, oozing traits of how a being can be so enormous-hearted and a Superstar concurrently, is atypical of a combo, but this man stands out. With a budget of whooping 3.6 billion dollars, no need to pull your calculators out! It’s a lot of capital, just get that straight! Releasing in three dialects Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, on 18th October, 2017 can be a wait of desperation, indeed! Sweeping aside speculations, “Amy Jackon” is in the lead role, in hands with the Superstar, and symphony of melody that’ll make you go nuts, ostensibly, is composed by none other than, “A.R.Rahman”. Directed by S.Shankar and produced by “Subaskaran Allirajah”. Envisaging, it would be, such a state of tranquility for the makers of the motion picture, to mold, subconsciously perceiving the accuracy of a “Rajinikanth” film, swirling a box-office hit and a world-wide recognition with ease!
A Superstar like him, will never be born, and an attribute spill, no space to infill by any other. Worthy of deference!

Robot 2.0 Behind The Scene



First Official Look-Robot 2.0

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