Restart your hang relation before it’s too late: “Tula Kalnar Nahi” trailer out

Saksham films GSEMS presents crazy love story of newly married couple “Tula Kalnar Nahi”. Subodh Bhave (Rahul) and Sonali Kulkarni(Anjali) perfectly performed typical wife and husband role in the movie. After seeing trailer it seems like movie should be having romantic comedy genre. May be movie motive is finding the hidden love of your partner’s actions and understand them with cool mind.

We have seen now days Divorce cases are increasing day by day whatever that marriage is arranged or love. In today’s modernized society we forget to give time to our relation and could not take feelings seriously, that why most of the people take harsh deacons. So folks may be this movie want to convince you with beautiful line “If you are relation is hanged then restart it quickly just like a mobile”.

This movie is produced by Marathi industries romance king Swapnil Joshim along with Kartik Nishandar and directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi who also directed film ‘Fugay’. So the couples who is dealing with problems in their love life, May be this movie is the perfect dose to solve it. Film is release on 8th September 2017 all across the state.