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Radio nights 6.06

Title- Radio nights 6.06
Language- Marathi
Banner- Prime Direct Entertainment (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Director- Prasad Acharekar.
Producer- Adinath Yeram.
Co-producer- Satish Chipkar & Santosh Jadhav.
Executive Producer- Santosh Mhaske.
Writer- Prasad Acharekar.
Screenplay- Snehal Pendurkar.
Cinematographer- Shivkumar Gowda.
Music Director- Nilesh Moharir.
Lyrics- Mandar Cholkar.
Background Music- Aniruddha Kale.
Art Direction- Satish Chipkar & Rajan Khade.
Editor- Sushil Gothankar.
Singers- Adarsh Shinde, Hrishikesh Ranade & Priyanka Barve.
Post Production- Vikrant Studio.
Distributor- Sameer Dixit & Rishikesh Bhirangi.
Starcast- Kadambari Kadam & Gaurav Ghatnekar.
Duration- N/A.
Genre- Thriller.
Release Date- February 2017.

Poster Release-“Tujvin sakya re” soap opera has been a victories Marathi series, featuring “Kadambari Kadam & Gaurav Ghatnekar”, in the lead. Not even the duo would have conceived an idea of bagging a film, after the daily serial, but they did. “Radio Nights 6.06”, directed and jot down by Prasad Acharekar, produced by Adinath Yeram, under the banner of Prime Direct Entertainment (India) Pvt. Ltd.
The skills of performing arts in partnership by Kadambari Kadam & Gaurav Ghatnekar would be seen in “Radio Nights 6.06”, 2017 with the plot anchoring into a thriller form in the ocean of multiform cinema in the Marathi film industry. The posters conspicuously hints a suspenseful film is to be unveiled soon, with no much information leaked, having a poster dark with a radio and feet, perceives to be something out of the box, the movie team has left us lose, to assume!

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