‘Nude’(Chitra) Marathi movie Teaser: Secret life of Nude Model

Nude (chitra) is an upcoming Marathi movie which was face lots of issues about film concept. Still film is set to release on the floor soon. Chitra means arts but how it relates to the Nudity? We will see in the movie. It is directed by National award winner director Ravi Jadhav.
Kalyanee Mule is doing leading role in the film. This is story of women who secretly works as nude model. She was hiding to truth about her profession from own family. Concept is saying that ‘Cover Your Body Not soul’, makes us to think on various factors.
Naseeruddin Shah Guest appearance creates high level amazement. This movie picked as the opening Film of an upcoming Film International Film Festival 2017 but due to some reasons movie gets rejected. Ravi has appeal to ministry seeking clarity about why this film has been rejected. It is planning to release movie early of 2018.