“Nude” Is a Ravi Jadhav’s Upcoming Marathi Movie releasing in 2016


Ravi Jadhav has tasted a great commercial success with films like Natrang and Timepass. He has been busy with his first Hindi film Banjo for a while. However, today Jadhav unveiled poster for his next Marathi film on his Facebook account. The film is titled as Nude and film will be releasing in 2016.

The first poster of upcoming Marathi movie ‘Nude’ was different from the other posters of Ravi Jadhav’s films. As the poster, the subject of this movie is also the different and it’s having sensitive subject.

Ravi Jadhav presented his second poster of his next movie ‘Nude’ with these lines
“कुणी ह्या कलेसाठी जगतं, कुणी जगण्यासाठी ह्या कलेला कवटाळतं
तर कुणी पोटासाठी घेतं ह्या कलेचा आधार…”

He informed the media that it will take another nine months to complete the film and release Nude in the theatres. Jadhav has been enjoying a good fan following since his last release Timepass wherein he gave some good performance over the silver screen.

He has been getting good wishes for his next Bollywood movie as well, while he is an accomplished actor, who has a long career to go in the Marathi and even Hindi cinema. Right now, catch the film’s first look poster of Nude as under and let us know how did you find it?

According to Ravi Jadhav, the subject of this film is different (as the title suggests) and he has been working for past nine months on this project. He has also stated that cast and crew of this film will be announced shortly.

Jadhav has also sought good wishes from his fans and audience as the film is on a very difficult and sensitive subject. However, after watching his sensitive portrayal of a different love story in Mitraa, we know it for sure that Jadhav can handle any delicate subject with an ease.