New Trailer of ‘& Jara Hatke’ Shows Modern Lifestyle & it’s Relationships


A new era has brought people through the complexities of this sensitive and emotional nature of seasonable changing the outgoing Relations beautiful story titled director Prakash Kunte ‘& a bit set back in the film. Famous director Ravi Jadhav and Eros International made this film was recently presented Trailer lounge.

‘&’ This is going to watch this film because that love story set back together two different words the alphabets. Aware that a middle-aged woman was watching the beautiful natyabhovati story tone of the trailer. Madhyamavayata newly married couple when the presentable bold decisions.

And it is a relationship with their children how to accept, is the highlight of the film was on. Their arguments, and hevedave Besides, by extension, the generation gepaca balanced & slightly set back, get in to see the trailer for this film. Also, there appears to be a love story or a trailer from Marathi and Bengali couple.

Meanwhile, a little set back & film Mrinal Kulkarni and indranil Sen guptam or jodim based on the ‘Say No’ to this romantic song was also featured jonarace time. The song was directed by Aditya kangane Mangesh documented by the Baedeker’s music, rock and hada hamasika Iyer jodagoline is up svarataja his tuneful voice.

In this age of rapidly changing relations concept of modernization and the problem can be seen in every household udhdabhavanarya Everyone’s. Then there is the big ‘&’ to bind together the relations, but this film is written Mitali Joshi ‘&’ Just because others hatakeca ‘& is set back a bit’ curiosity about this film meant.

Bengali and Marathi actor indranil is the debut film Sengupta. Indranil along Mrinal Kulkarni, Siddharth Menon, Shivani rangoli, aspiration Joshi, Suhas Joshi, Sonali enjoy, you will see a message Kulkarni These artists are in the film. The film is scheduled to meet on July 22, showing the audience natyammadhale format change.

“& Jara Hatke” Trailer

“& Jara Hatke” Trailer & Song launch Event

And Zara Hatkey 1

And Zara Hatkey 2

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