Nagraj Manjule : “The Silence” Marathi Movie Trailer, Cast, Release Date, Wiki, Photos

Movie: The Silence
Director: Gajendra Ahirey
Cast: Nagraj Poratrao Manjule,Anjali Patil,Kadambari Kadam
Editor: Mayur Hardas
Screenplay & Dialogue: Gajjendra Ahire
Music: Indian Ocean

“Sairat”, has won our hearts over, hasn’t it? It’s been a year since it has released, but still the movie has an impact on us. “Nagraj Manjule”, a man from the ordinary, showed us what it is to be supreme talented even if you don’t have Godfathers sitting in the film background to finance you. This man conveyed a strong message of “If you have it in yourself, nothing is impossible”. And “Sairat”, proved to be a sensation that is still residing in our hearts. Nagraj Manjule the man, behind it displayed the true essence of being ordinary, on a platform that showcased his skills, and marked him as a “Victorious” Director altogether.
After 2016 madness over “Sairat”, what’s in store next? Nagraj Manjule is seen with expectations of level elevated after the blockbuster. What is he doing these days? When is he coming, with a new movie to awe struck us all? When is his next movie releasing?
These are the questions, haunting each one of us these days! And the answers to these queries are here. “The Silence”, the magnificent molder is all set to make us fall for him, even densely than before with this movie, based on a true story. Yes, you read that right! Nagraj Manjule, comes up with content that is close to our heart and we witness, which makes him absolute exceptional.
A tale, of not the fortunate. A story, that makes us confront the real lives, people struggling, coping, learning to live. A fight of a window. A narration, about a cotton candy seller. A legendary Director turned actor “Nagraj Manjule”. A true story, “The Silence”.

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