Marathi Celebrity Views on ban of 500 -1000 rupees notes


Makarand Anaspure

A phenomena that took everyone by storm, affecting the poor, mediocre and the aristocrat resulting in a mayhem.
Discerning clearly, on the night of 8th November, seem to be a mundane day, where we had a get-together, inviting everyone over for dinner. Having a gala time full of music, food and blabber, I heard my cousin saying, pointing at her phone screen, “Omg, did you see that?” I was in a state on ambiguity to detect what the news was, hastily took her phone and there it was in front on my eyes, “PM Modi announces monetary demonetization , following a two day shut, for banks and ATM’s. Leading everyone to rush, to the ATM for money, as it was the only option, to sustain for the rest of the two days.
Contemplating on, as this transformation has altered the lives of the ordinary, how it would have twirled upside down for the people under limelight, reflecting on the amount of capital they make from films. Haven’t it resulted into a haphazard?
“Makarand Anaspure”, was the one, on behalf on the Marathi film fraternity to convey a word, appreciating the monetary denomination supporting PM Narendra modi, shedding light on money laundering, poverty, injustice, naxalites, terrorism, welcoming the transformation and giving us a beam of light, to not let go of patience while standing in queues, as it a beginning in the mechanism to reach a point, of clean and victorious India, which the prime minister holds in vision. stands in support with PM Modi, in the combat of eradicating money launder in our country.

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