Mahabaleshwar (PuneGossip): Best Summer Holiday Destination


Mahabaleshwar  located in Satara district, boasts of one of the few evergreen forests in India. Together with Panchgani, it forms a popular holiday resort, honeymoon destination and a pilgrimage site.  120 km from Pune, it is well connected by road.
Demographically, it is a plateau surrounded by valleys on all sides which produces majestic  views and scenic spots. The year-round cool mountain air, perennial springs and waterfalls makes Mahabaleshwar a truly bountiful experience among the hills. Traces of history are seen in the Malcolm Peth, the town bazaar, dotted with Government bungalows and offices. The Mahabaleshwar Club, Mount Malcolm and Holy Cross Church are other examples.
Mahabaleshwar-Temple-in-Mahabaleshwar (1)
Legend hold that the origin of the Krishna river lies in the mouth of the cow which is situated in the ancient Mahadev temple in Old Mahabaleshwar. This attracts a number of devotees.
Mahabaleshwar is one of the evergreen forests in the world. It is situated on the Sahyadri ranges on the Ghats of Maharashtra, 4721 ft. above the sea level and is spread over 150 Sq. Kms.
Mahabaleshwar derives its name from its presiding deity “Mahabali”, whose shrine at the old Mahabaleshwar Temple is a major attraction for worshippers and tourists. This place is also an origin of five sacred rivers of Maharashtra, Krishna, Koyna, Venna, Savitri & Gayatri. The rugged mountainous terrain has been found useful for defence purposes and several historical forts like Pratapgad, Vasota, Makrandgad, Kamalgad etc are situated in the surrounding region.

The region has encountered several fierce battles in its dense valleys. The local tribal communities live a simple life, mainly depending on the forests and natural resources.British rulers found this ideal as a summer retreat because of its cool climate, lush evergreen forests and proximity to Bombay & Pune. They turned this forested hill into a hill station & holiday resort.
Apart from the ‘Points’ and picnic spots, Mahabaleshwar is  most famous for its strawberries, mulberries and carrots. It’s pure fun to handpick strawberries fresh from the farms! Don’t miss the strawberry with cream-which is an irresistible fruit desert.  Also try the corn pattice.

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