Laxmikant Berde’s son Abhinay Berde making debut with “Ti Sadhya Kay Karte”


Lakshya aka laxmikant berde the energetic actor of the 90’s Marathi film still resides in the hearts of the people, till date. Entitled as one of the best comedian in the Marathi film industry, from making a debut in “Le chalali sasarla” , seeing ups and downs, balancing both stage and reel life, this star grabbed success between 1986-1996 , showcasing a necklace of blockbusters “Aamhi Doghe Raja Rani, Hamaal De Dhamaal, Ashi Hi Banwa Banvi, Balache Baap Brahmachari, Eka Peksha Ek, Bhootacha Bhau, Thartharat, Dhadakebaaz and Zapatlela”.

This charismatic legend left us on 16 th December 2004, Mumbai, due to kidney failure , leaving back a production house named after his son,”Abhinay arts”. A name so full of meaning to his life, cherishing the stage that brought him fame to the movies that made him immortal. Acting was his life and so the meaning of his son’s name. A true forecaster desiring to watch his son in the status of what he achieved, being an entertainer. Sadly he could not, but dwelling his name in his son’s, continuing the legacy. The most awaited of all, the star child Abhinay Berde . The Bhog-Ekankika(stage play) is ready to hit the 70 mm screen, debuting in the Marathi film, “Ti sadhya kay karte” under the direction of Satish Rajwade opposite Tejashree Pradhan marking the acting debut of singer Arya Ambekar as well. Teenager Abhinay portrays a role of a lad and his first love and the emotion of never forgetting it, even after years.

The audience is in awe about the debut of Abhinay Berde, expecting a lot from this youngster resembling his father and making the next Berde in the Marathi film industry, hoping to turn out well for him and the Marathi film industry gaining a heartthrob among all the girls in the tinsel audience of Maharshtra and around India. Desiring that this star child, brings good concept and movies to the Marathi speaking listenership reaching the apex of success of late Laxmikanth Berde and standing tall fulfilling the expectations of his family, industry and the viewers.

WATCH : Abhinay Berde upcoming movie “Ti Sadhya Kay Karte” Teaser

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