Karan Johar to make a remake of Marathi Blockbuster “Sairat”


Sairat Remake

Who isn’t acquainted to “Sairat” in 2016? After “PM Modi” denomination hype in one nightfall, “Sairat” is the only event that anybody and everybody has a notion about, in India and world-wide.
A regional movie that swirled heads 360 degree, with its capacity of drawing audiences of diverse dialect, dropping a bomb on the walls of interpretation. Conveying that, if the actions and story is the hero of a motion film , that can work wonders , which anyone can comprehend, turning a 100 crore film , twisting the stereotypical views about regional film, and entering into a genre where a heroic story likewise, doesn’t need glamour and big star cast to stand out.
“Murmuring, have struck the ears, I say,” the remake of “Sairat”, which is a no startle sensation for many, because of a potent story, and it’s confirmed all over that “Karan Johar” has already placed his hands on the rights of the same. I’d like to call “Mr.Johar” the launching pad for the star kids, as I have been empowered to be opinionated about, it’s not a negative look but karan needs to launch new kids as well, don’t you think karan?
And as far as “Jahnvi Kapoor” is concerned, she is a beautiful girl, no doubt her DNA, spills sparkle. It’s still a conjecture to be confirmed, because news has it that “Shahid Kapoor’s Brother Ishaan Khattar” will be launched with “Jhanvi Kapoor”. Speculations in flow, that it might be “Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh’s daughter Sara Ali Khan,” and they didn’t leave “Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda” behind. It’ll be fun to watch who “Karan Johar” gives a helping hand to, the B-town, the robin-hood everyone, applause!
No offence, but don’t you think these star-kids are way too glamorous for a role alike ”Sairat”, just saying!!!!

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