Hansraj Jagtap’s Itemgiri – Have A National Award Winning Pair


A national award winning pair-up, we wouldn’t have ask for anything this high degree, in reference of acting arts. I am bragging about none other than “Hansraj Jagtap” owner of a national special jury award for the best child actor in “Dhag” and “Fandry” winning national award for directorial debut with “Rajeshwari Kharat” in it.

A trailer commencing with piano playing, good Lord! That in a matter of seconds, enrapture you, teleport to a place, so soothing that you start creating the exact same scene in your mind, having the love of your life, in front of you, this music made my eyes glitter that way. A comeliness melody , presenting the two in a new avatar. Two teenagers walking down the street with music amusing, making you desire a little taste of the romance, playing in your desktop. This is what we look for in a movie, and this trailer satisfies the inner sub-conscious being in you, that in a snap empathizes with what is happening.

Moving forward, the trailer with a change in the fanciful piano playing into heavy beats of terror showcasing a vile person. This photo-play seems to be a relish, in its genre after “Sairat” making the juvenile class hold their breath in utter desperation, till the release of this movie “Itemgiri” by “Pradeep Tonge and Mangesh Shendge under A.R.V and Aviraaj productions.” Wooh! That made me think about what’s going to happen next in the Marathi industry with projects like these, I am lucky to be a part of this standard of creativity as an entertainment blogger, indeed.

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