Get ready to dance with “Tu Tu Tana” Song : Vazandar


Author Abhilasha Francis: Don’t you wanna sip a cocktail of merging lyrics by Vishwajeet Joshi, a peppy disco song making it lively by Shalmali Kholgade, making all the senses go “tu tu tana” on the music of Avinash-Vishwajeet and dance on the same, crispy steps on your next visit to the club.

That’s what “tu tu tana” from Vazandar movie makes you do .A beautifully filmed song , juggling bottles and a twist of watching a house wife and a girl next door stepping into a disco, moving enthusiastic all over. Encouraging us all to enjoy the moment, being addicted , turning demented forgetting things and living life at the point. For more details of how can you impress your peers moving all “tu tu tana” do watch the link at , providing all the latest updates of the movie you are thinking to spend your money on, giving you an option to decide whether it’s worth it or not, making “Vazandar” a must watch this weekend.

Movie : Vazandar
Song : Tu Tu Tana
Music : Avinash – Vishwajeet
Lyrics : Vishwajeet Joshi
Singer : Shalmali Kholgade
Choreographer : Mansi Aggarwal

Tu Tu Tana Video Song

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