“Farzand” Movie Poster: Upcoming Biopic Movie Of Kondaji Farzand

Farzand Movie Poster

We have seen lots plays, movies and documentaries on Shivaji Maharaj. Now industry is planning to portray eminence of Kodanji Farzand. He is one of the best warriors (mavla) of Shivaji Mahraj army. By climbing Panhala Forte with other warriors, he has biggest contribution for wining that forte.
Movie poster is launched recently and it is done by the hands of Great Babasaheb Purandare. This is the tribute for Farzand who is forgotten in today’s date. Story is written and Directed by Digpal Lanjekar. Who are in the leading characters is still under the wrap for that stay tuned to our site.

Movie will be release 11th May, 2018 all across the state.