Enjoy the unlimited LOVE of the young birds : Akash Thoasar & Vaidhevi Parshurami

 Akash Thoasar & Vaidhevi Parshurami

June commences with a fresh new season and the month of a refreshing splash, has a new story to offer, ‘Friendship Unlimited’, featuring Akshay Thosar playing a lead role, opposite Vaidehi Parshurami.
Showcasing a chemistry cute yet close to our heart, is what is seen in the trailer. A girl next door, whom you can relate to in love with a charming boy along a group of friends, having the best time of their life, living it to the fullest.
College memories is what ‘Friendship Unlimited’ makes you teleport to, in the moments we miss, the friendship we cherished and the bonds left behind. The days when you cared less and lived in that hour, more. The days, when bunking was a way through to get rid of problems, the days when college canteen was your ‘adda’, the days of simple joys, the days of of first crush, the days of first proposals, the days when you were introduced to ‘Love’.
‘Friendship Unlimited’, would a movie close to your heart, with every thump the memories would freshen up, certainly like the fresh flower in the month of June.
Citygossiper Team, wishes the crew of ‘Friendship Unlimited’ a hearty All the best, and appreciation for the efforts of bringing back meaning to what was left in the old college days.