Ek Chaavat Sandhyakal : Hot & Naughty Marathi Natak Must WATCH

Ek Chaavat Sandhyakal marathi natak

These plays, some of which have been translated from other languages, have also witnessed a good turnout. When theatre personality Ashok Patole came out with the play ‘Ek Chaavat Sandhyakal’, many raised eyebrows but Patole and Ajit Kelkar continued staging the play.

Soon, the play paved way for others in the genre including ‘Ek Chavat Madhuchandra’ and the recent ‘Don Bayka Chaavat Aika’. A thing to observe here is that these plays are getting good bookings and this has encouraged more such topics being covered. ‘Don Bayka..’ will be first staged on Feb 5.

Maharashtra Rangbhumi, a name associated with plays like ‘Jaswandi‘, Mister Namdev Mhane‘ and ‘Mi Ticha Dadla’, has produced this play. The producer of the play, Mr Kocharkar, said, “I loved the title of the play and there is nothing crass about it. The play is based on double entendre, the kind that flourished during Dada Kondke’s time. It has a good message too.” He added, “While making such plays, the business aspect also has to be looked at and it is the title that brings in the maximum crowd.

Today, the field of theatre is seeing a decline in business but our play has got good bookings solely due to the ‘naughty’ title.” The play has been directed by Sudesh Mhashilkar while Priyanka Shetty, Asavari Tare and Santosh Mayekar play the leads in it.

A director, on the condition of anonymity, said, “Many people have tried making big budget plays by roping in popular actors from TV but that isn’t helping because many a times, the actors have date issues and other commitments. In such a time, these ‘naughty’ plays are gaining primarily because of their names and low investments.”

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