Bhootkal Review : A suspence leading horror flick


“Bhootkal” Movie

Movie : Bhootkal (2016)
Genre : Horror
Producer : Anil Waghmare
Director : Anil Waghmare
Star Cast : Bhushan Pradhan, Hemangi Kavi
Story & Screenplay : Anil Waghmare
Music : Siddharth Agarwal, Noel Gonsalves
Lyrics : Mangesh Kangane, Varun Likhate
Singers : Javed Ali, Bela Shende, Siddhartha Mahadevan, Atithii Shibagg, Nandesh Umap
Cinematography (DOP) : Dhanraj Wagh
Editor : Gaurav Meshram, Nimesh Chaudhary
Action Director : Akbar Sharif
Costume Designer : Sheetal Pawaskar
Release Date : 2 December 9 2016

Citygossiper Star Ratings : 3.5 / 5

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TGIF (Thank God it’s Friday) and what to not expect from this day of commencing weekends? Parties, get together, night outs, dinners, dates, movies? Affirming every point, we do look forward to weekends, to wash away all the tiredness and slothful attitudes we carry every day, surviving in sundry walks of existence. We are entitled to enjoy every bit of the submerging tedious week with utter bliss, aren’t we? Oh yes we deserve it, oh yes we certainly!
And to enjoy the cocktail of delighted weekdays, here it is a review, you all have been waiting for, to lock your minds on whether, it’s worth even a penny or not. “Bhootkal”, an outcome of cahoot, conductor and producer “Anil Waghmare”, under the banner of “Sairaj Media”, a horror evoking flick this winter’s, as the low temperatures weren’t enough to give you shivers!
Not a talk of every day, I must say, that a Marathi film-maker, stands out with a fear inducing motion pictures, it’s a conception seldomly seen. “Bhootkal”, entails to ghost or past, the narration strings with “Bhushan Pradhan”, a science student, native of the Konkan region, who plans to visit his village with his buddies, including “Hemangi Kavi-Dhumal”, featuring both of them as a brand new couple, in M-town making the film-makers brag about no chance of failure with this genre of release. The plot hooks on the string, with paranormal activities, occurring in the house, they linger, making them turn cold in fear. Stirring up phobia in the audience, the spirit conceptual cinema relies on special effects and quaint vista of Konkan on the 70mm screen. A thumbs up for “Bhootkaal” from Citygossiper team!


“Bhootkal”-Title Track

“Bhootkal”- Official Trailer

“Bhootkal” Brand new couple of M-town


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