Bharat Jadhav is Back with Serial Console-“Tu Majha Sagati Parva Dusre”

Tu Majha Sangati Parva Dusre

Bharath Jadhav and his Co-star

It is not easy to sustained 1000 episodes for any serials. Chinmay Mandlekar’s serial ‘Tu Majha Sangati’ has did that successfully. Now these mythological serial is going to frame a life of Vitthal and Rukhumai.

Bharat Jadhav work very rarely for serials, for these serial he is doing leading role as Vitthala. Smita Shevale amusingly portrays character of Rakhumai. These serial apprise you with the God family life. “Tu Majha Sangati-Parva Dusre” is telecasting on every Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm on colors Marathi.