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abhinay berde

Personal Details:-

  • Name:- Abhinay Berde : अभिनय बेर्डे
  • Full Name :- Abhinay Laxmikant Berde)
  • Date Of Birth:- 3rd November, 1997.
  • Family:- His family included his parents – Marathi superstar Father Laxmikant Berde, who passed away in 2004 and mother Priya Berde. He also has a younger sister named Swanandi berde.
  • Career Span2014 – Present

Natak / Plays Acted:-

  • Bhog – Ekankika


Abhinay Berde is the eldest son of Actor Laxmikant Berde and actress Priya Berde. His family also includes his sister Swanandi and older Uncle Ravindra Berde.

He was only 7 years old when Laxmikant passed away in 2004. The unique thing is that he also shares the same birth date with his father. His mother reentered the world of acting to take care of the young children after this. Lakshya’s production house, Abhinay Arts was named after him
While growing up, Swanandi and Abhiney Stayed in the same hostel and completed their education at the Sinhgad Residential Public School in Pune. Later, he began his studies in Arts at the Mithibai college in Mumbai.

There were reports that He was supposed to make his debut in the movie Zapatlela 2 , but this didn’t happen. The movie was directed by his father’s friend actor-director Mahesh Kothare and later starred Adinath Kothare in the lead role. This movie was a sequel to the superhit Zapatlela, which made Tatya Vinchu and Lakshya as memorable characters in Marathi cinema.
His hobbies include dance and martial arts.

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Abhinay Berde

Abhinay Berde

Abhinay Berde

Abhinay Berde

Abhinay Berde

Abhinay Berde

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