Abhijeet Chavan(अभिजित चव्हाण) Marathi Actor Biography


Name : Abhijeet Chavan (अभिजित चव्हाण)
Birth Date : 10th April
Current City : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Abhijeet Chavan is a Marathi and Hindi film, television and stage actor,  for his comic roles in Marathi TV serials and Marathi Movies and television from India.

He is famous for the character “Master”, supported by Ashish Pawar who plays “Bandu” the student and many more in the Marathi comedy series, Comedy Express. His punch line, “Benchvar…. Bench var ubha Karen”, is famous with viewers. He appeared in the movies Shan (2006) and Gojiri (2007)

He played a bouncer in the movie Split Wide Open (1999). He also played a rickshaw driver in the scene which included three Mumbai auto rickshaws that show up and jump on a police car to save Himesh Reshammiya in Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee – The Real Luv Story (2007).

Marathi Movies :
Rajwada (2014)
Baburao La Pakda as Mama (2012)
Gajrachi Pungi
Uchla re Uchla (2011)
Gojiri as Nanu (2007)

Other Movies :
Shan (2006)
Split Wide Open as Bouncer 2 (1999)

Daily Soaps :
Ambat Goad (Star Pravah)
Comedy Express – Without Ticket Full Timepass

Marathi Natak/ Play /Drama :
Aamacha hasawanyacha Dhanda
Love Guru