Zindagi Virat Poster Released – Are you living every moment?

Zindagi Virat Marathi Movie

  • Movie Name : Zindagi Virat
  • Director : Sumit Sanghamitra
  • Produce By : Anjney Sathe Entertainmnent
  • Release Date : 29th Sept, 2017

Most of the times we feel depressed but at that time if we see any inspirational quote or listen any motivational song we stand up and ready to face challenges that same goes to movies also there are some movies which teaches you how to live life happily. Upcoming movie ”Zindagi Virat” is going to be one of them.

The poster itself tells many thing to us let’s hope movie also have strong motivational content. The tagline “Jagnyachi baap gosht” excite us to know about story-line of the movie for that we have to wait till 29th Sept, 2017 when this movie will release all over Maharashtra.

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Now a day’s Marathi industry is known for innovative concept and this movie surely set new milestone on it. Movie is produced by Anjney Sathe Entertainmnent. This movie is directorial debut of Sumit Sanghamitra so we expect this movie will give motivational message to us and reasons to cherish coming sun rise which we also see in the poster.

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