Zenda Swabhimanacha, the fight to get educated.

Zenda Swabhimanacha

Title- Zenda Swabhimanacha
Director- Vishwas Baban Ranjane
Official site- ZendaSwabhimanacha
Genre- Feature short film
Language- Marathi
Release Date- N/A

Sitting in front of your laptops and using expensive gadgets, you might not understand the conditions people face in day to day lives. While for us, completing our education was like a period of enjoyment passed without knowing what lies behind it. Have you ever thought that people somewhere strive, every moment of their childhood just to get education and make something fruitful, to get out of the circumstances they breathe on?The answer of most might be a ‘no’, never giving a thought on the education system in the state. But a visionary like “Vishwas Ranjane” did!
Facing the situations, like the short feature film he made, with a loan “Vishwas Ranjane” after working in Bharud folk music programs in villages, wanted to reach out to the people, about the workings of the education system and how under-privileged children have to deal, to complete their academic course. Vishwas never got a chance to complete his studies due to lack of money, making him realize how important it is to be enlightened, working with even more dedication than before, to make his wife educated.
To know the response of how the short film is, it has been displayed in many schools and presented to the government officials of the state of “Maharashtra”, getting a good response. The movie is all set to release soon, with no dates mentioned till now.
Citygossiper.com appreciates such efforts, to put into sight the reality, under-privileged children face in their day to day lives. Do comment below to know more about the short film and the release dates.

Official trailer of “Zenda Swabhimanacha”

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