“Zee Yuvotsav 2016” : M-Town ready to Celebrate Grand Event in Shaniwar-wada Pune

zee-yuvatsavPhoto Courtesy- Zee Yuva

Zee Yuvotsav

The monument where history of true fervor in love took place, needing sans description off, but just the identifier “Shaniwar-wada”. The cahoots of Bajirao-Mastani, echoing till today construe the recitation of the love they share, and the stories haunting till the day. With a place, speaking of the manifested legendary emblem of love, standing tall no doubt the emotions were profoundly indescribable, indeed!
Inscribing Pune with the humongous representation, throughout the world, “Zee Yuva” has much to offer, keeping the monument in notion, accentuation is the key, is what they follow embarking their very own “Zee Yuvotsav”, at Shaniwar-wada, Pune 5:30pm. Highlighting the Shahrukh of M-town: Swwapnil Joshi, the dusky lady with poise- Prathana Behere, the delicate beauty- Manasi Naik, and the tall, dark and chiseled- Vaibhav Tatwawdi, the sizzling spellbound sharp featured- Amruta Khanvilkar and many more on the go!
Grabbing a seat, for the threshold of the very new youth festival in town “Zee Yuvotsav”, at “Shaniwar-wada”, Pune 16th December, commenced at 5:30pm, youths didn’t fail a chance to catch hold of the glimpse, of the persona of performing arts stars they look up to, aspiringly!
“Zee Yuvotsav” a fest celebrating the youthful streak.

Zee Yuvotsav a Successful Show

yuvotsav-prepYuvotsav Prepration, Photo Courtesy- Zee Yuva

crowdThe Crowd at Yuvotsav, Photo Courtesy- Zee Yuva

first-yuvatsavFirst Yuvotsav Ever, Photo Courtesy- Zee Yuva

manasi-naikManasi Naik, Photo Courtesy- Zee Yuva

vaibhav-tatwadiVaibhav Tatwadi, Photo Courtesy- Zee Yuva

Zee Yuvotsav Back Stage

Swwapnil Joshi, Video Credit- Zee Yuva

And it begins, Video Credit- Zee Yuva

Manasi Naik, Video Credit- Zee Yuva

Vaibhav Tatwawdi on Stage, Video Credit- Zee Yuva

Amruta Khanvilkar, Video Credit- Zee Yuva

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