Watch this beautiful Maharashtra Desha Song with Mithila Palkar

Maharashtra Desha Song

The elegant luscious curled-locks Marathi mulgi “Mithila Palkar” is a known name as a Youtuber, being known for her works in comical clips branding her talent. With a victorious image like this, there is no belief of uncertainty that this diva came up with a song of her own, portraying a variant slice of talent in her called- Maharashtra day.


Mithila palkar, the prima-dona, of the song Maharashtra Desha has brought up a concept dedicated to the state, roaring proudly. The girl totally stole the show by initializing “Mangal Desha, Pavitra Disha, Maharashtra Desha” echoing her voice, melodious as it can be, abstaining from even observing the barren land she is sitting on, playing music with a cup and singer “Gandhaar” sitting by her side watching her, and joining her with a masterstroke that would definitely give you goosebumps, if you belong to the state of Maharshtra, cause that did the same to me. Featuring people from every walk of life, every religion and adding a message with a hint of perfection.

A proud Maharashtrian song, displaying a fervent belonging-ness that you, watching it, may emphasize a sturdy connection, in snap of a second. Don’t you believe it? Just check out the video by yourself and experience, the touch!

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