UTSAV 2016 on Color’s Marathi Celebrity HD Photos Images & Videos


UTSAV 2016 in Color’s Marathi Photos




Image Credit : Colors Marathi / Urmila Kothare

UTSAV 2016 in Color’s Marathi Videos

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  1. December 12, 2016

    […] Colors Marathi stands, on its name, colorful with a spectrum of entertainment concepts they put forward to, tentatively. Whether it be a horror one, family drama, dance, suspense or comedy, countless is the term, for the plateful of amusement soap operas they cater. And gluing to the idea, to the elevated expectations of the Marathi speaking listener-ship, Colors Marathi has hopped on the cycle of daily soap, into the park of entertainment, from 9th January Monday to Friday at 9pm, with artists –“Rohini Hattangadi, Suyash Tilak, Dnyanada Ramtirthkar & Ruchi Savarn Mohan “presenting “Sakhya re- One morning two dreams, one complete and the other incomplete.” The teaser is out only on Colors Marathi, featuring life’s of two female, linked with a male of precise appearance, one is a widow and the other is with the man, the widow craves for, celebrating his birthday. Will the widow get to see her man or not, or will the other having the man lose him for the widow? Will be disclose on 9th January 9 pm only on Colors Marathi. […]

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