Urmila Kothare is addicted to Aerial Silk​ : Marathi Gossip

Image source : Urmila Kothare Twitter Acc

Urmila is post graduate in Kathak and having trained in Odissi , dancing is like a walk in the park for Urmila Kothare , who is constantly experimenting with new dance forms.
But when it’s something like aerial silk where you need strength, acrobatic skills and concentration, the job is not as easy as one might think. The ‘Guru’ actress took this as a challenge, and after a year of training in the form, she can make the otherwise difficult routine look easy. Sharing her experience, Urmila said, “Phulwa Khamkar’s daughter Aasma has been training in aerial silk for a while and watching her do it made me think that I should’ve started doing this since a young age. So I was pleasantly surprised when my trainer Aditi Deshpande told me that it’s not at all late to start now.”

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Image source : Urmila Kothare Twitter Acc

Image source : Urmila Kothare Twitter Acc

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