Its simple but strong impact watch “Uncomfortable” – Tejashree Pradhan

Uncomfortable Short Film: ‘Uncomfortable’, a short film that’ll make you realize how women feel, when they are stared at continuously, looked at and followed. How women face those disrespectful eyes, every day for their life!

A film has recently been realized where Tejashree Pradhan has been seen sipping on tea in a café’ having a good time with her friend, and a man sitting next to her staring her so as to make himself feel good, not even thinking of the position the girl is in and how uncomfortable she gets. The trailer take a twist when the same guy gets stared by another guy, sitting opposite to him, which eventually makes him feel uncomfortable about himself. As it seems disturbing, he gets up and walks away, as the other guy did it on purpose to make him feel how the girl feels and he walks away, making the girl feel alright.

A sensitive issue portrayed in a way to aware what’s wrong with the way people objectify women.

A digital drama company presentation, ‘Uncomfortable’, casting Tejashri Pradhan, Vibhav Rajadhyaksha, Ninad Limaye, and Meenakshi Joshi.

A must watch film, with a watch learnt moral!

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