Tuz Maz Breakup Serial Controversy-Zee Marathi Serial

Tuz Maz Breakup Controversy

Even taking many precautions controversies are happens. Let’s take recent example of tuz maz breakup serial controversy. In one episode Mira is sit on the historic ammunition which is quite looking inappropriate. By considering this factor, some communities demand apology from whole serial team.

Story takes a turn when one post upload by Hemant Dhome. in this post Hemant said “I did contact with zee Marathi channel and serial producers with the help of Mr.Ameya Khopkar (President, MNS Citrapat Sena). Respective serial team said that that shooting was done at Reis Magos portugis jail which is located in goa. We are not disrespect any forte and not want to hurt anyone’s feeling. Request does not spread misunderstandings.”

Hemant Dhome Comment on #TuzMazBreakup #Serial

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