Top 10 reasons why you need to watch : “Fugay”


Before the release, the movie is already catching attention because of the talents and team involved in Fugay. STV Networks one of the top distributors and exhibitors and GSEAMS one of the established studio and promoters of Marathi movies have collaborated to make this film. Adding to the strength is the director Swapna Waghmare Joshi along with the duo Swwapnil and Subodh.

Here are 10 reasons, why not to miss, Fugay:
1.Swwapnil Joshi– The Shahrukh of M-town is a big reason to not miss the film, with the chocolate boy looks ladies.
2.Subodh Bhave– The chiseled manly dude, to top it up, with the calmness, adding spiciness to the movie altogether.
3.Story– The storyline of the film, is a holiday in itself.
4.Goa– The ideas, in the film, about the trip, would help you make one with your friends next time you visit Goa, the place to booze, cruise and lose yourself totally, on a Bachelor’s party trip.
5.Friendship– Swwapnil and Subodh sharing a great bond of friendship, to make us realize how important it is to have someone all the time, and balancing the people you love.
6.Plot– The twist in the plot, where the next day both the characters forget, what craziness and damaged they caused after getting drunk.
7.The Beats– For songs like, “Hey fugay”, “Party de” and “Kahi Kale Tula” refreshing your mind inside out.
8.Attire– The clothes the characters carried, adding a funk to the film, making us experiment with colors looking all trendy on the beaches of Goa chilling.
9.Plan– Making us jealous, riding the bikes all around Goa, to make us crave to visit the place again, ready with a plan?
10.Moral– To make us realize, after all the disastrous crazy holiday incidents, it’s all gonna be alright.

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