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Likewise the title “Vazandar” the movie is a heavy notion based script featuring a girl next door and a housewife in the struggles of losing weight played by Priya Bapat and Sai Tamhankar , stating an epic dialogue in the trailer “fat are they, who aren’t slim, aren’t any in between.” Clutching all the attention of the youngsters at once. The trailer will please you by every means possible to take a break, get time, adjust your schedule and watch the weighty movie on November 11 th , 2016.

A film that does not need reasons to drag you and your friends to the theatre but I’ll feature the motives justified –

1. A national award winning director Sachin Kundalkar movie, who wants to miss that!

2. Golu polu – as it’s name the song entails the chubby appearance of a young girl, and her lover smitten by the same.

3. Tu tu tana – a hot peppy song, need no reason to move a leg on.

4. Diet diet – “diet diet duty aahe ,diet diet beauty aahe”, playing in my head now right now, catchy and motivating to attain your goals.

5. A movie demonstrating one of the spectrum of lives.

6. A quirky story of two friends not of the same age group.

7. A story so relatable, you see yourself.

8. A flawless twosome of Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat.

9. Produced by Vidhi Kasliwal.

10. Eventually, a Marathi movie, so full of content, proving again that this film industry has a lot talent stirred in and doesn’t need a platform of big banners to prove their potential.

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