It Is time To Change Your View: “Anaan” Teaser Out

We have seen Prarthana Behre in innocent, Passionate girl role in movie Mitva with Swapnil Joshi but now Prarthna is doing experiment with her role in upcoming Movie Annan. Annan word meaning is clouds or one more but what is the connection with the role of Prarthana for that answer we have to watch the movie which will release soon.

Marathi industry is always appreciated for its movies concepts and may be this movie also gonna make mark for it. Because after seeing teaser it looks like this is the story of Lesbian girl. While same sex marriage is not illegal in India but acceptance of this kind of relation is not got on that level which expected. Anyway point is that Anaan team is daring to put this sensational issue in front of the Marathi audience.

Also check Anaan Movie release date

Prarthna perfectly suits in the role of Classical dancer and hope Omkar Shinde is also give his best. Story is written and produced by Hemant Bhatia. It is directed by Rajesh Kushte. Teaser is showing that this story will change your view. We have to wait for trailer for declaration of release date for other updates stay tuned to our site.

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