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In the world of theatre, dramas and plays have spoken on varied topics. And in all production houses the name of Sonal Production is taken without fail. That is because of the different kind of plays it produced it has created its name and set a standard in the industry with ‘Goshta Tashi Gamtichi’, ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’, and ‘Perfect Mismatch’.

In their successful journey along with performing artists, writers, directors, backstage artist too play a very important role in the success of a play. And to honor those artists Sonal Production felicitated them in Dadar’s Suryavanshi Auditorium. And a cherry on the cake is that they announced that they are soon coming with ‘Goshta Tashi Gamtichi -2’.

Through such gesture of honoring backstage artists of sonal production was a first of such kind felicitation. Behind that success of its play Kamal Shegde, Samir Hampi, Satish Khautode these backstage artists along were honored. This production hous was established on the occasion of gudhi padwa i.e on 11th April 2013. It started with their first orchestra ‘Akhiyonke Jharokonse’. The greatness of that orchestra was that it was performed by visually disabled artists. Including vocalists and instrumentalists the orchestra consisted of total 20 artists which was appreciated and loved by the listeners to the fullest. That successful start of the production is continued even today.

After that ‘Goshta Tashi Gamtichi came on the floor on 3rd August 2014. With Shashank Ketkar, Mangal Kadam, and Leena Bhagwat in the lead they did 311 shows successfully. With Canada, Los Angeles, Doha, Dubai, Australia, Muscat Goshta Tashi Gamtichi had all houseful shows everywhere. This play has won 19 awards in total.

Shashank Ketkat, Umesh Kamat, Amruta Subhash, Kiran Mane, Priya Bapat, Siddharth Menon, Ashok Saraf, Prashant Damle, Anant Jog, attended the celebration ceremony.

In this ceremony ‘Akhiyonke Jharokonse’ performed some ghazals. The melodious musical performances of that blind artist brought the program to life. Let Sonal Production have many such successful production, wished all those who attended the ceremony.

Sonal Production Success Party Exclusive Photos

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Introduction of Sonal Productions

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