Sonakshi Sinha LifeStyle: Check Out this Awesome ASUS Zenfone Ads

sonakshi advertisement

Sonakshi Sinha is definitely one of the more approachable stars of the current generation. She is always so fun and chill – especially off screen. I feel like her latest TVC for ASUS’ new mobile phone Zenfone Max captures that aspect of her personality rather well. The ad features a guy whose phone battery dies. So he goes up to Sona and uses her super awesome phone to charge his.

I am really digging ASUS Zenfone Max’s vibe because if there’s one thing to know about me, it is that my life revolves around charging my phone! I am getting really tired of being like a brick on the wall because a substantial amount of my day is spent near a plug point. You know what I’m saying?Looks like those days are behind us.