Tarkarli most preferred beach for Scuba Diving : Mumbai & Pune

Tarkarli-skuba diving

Tarkarli offers an ideal destination for a relaxed weekend away near the beach and also is a good stop over on the way to Goa if you are on a long holiday.

Tarkarli is amongst the few destinations in Maharashtra where you can enjoy Snorkeling and S.C.U.B.A diving thanks to the clear waters and the coral reefs which spread over almost the entire coast near Tarkarli. Sindhudurg fort which spreads over 44 acres on the Kurte island to the north of Tarkarli in Malvan is another must visit during a Tarkarli Holiday.

Situated on Tarkarli’s Virgin beach that opens to sparkling blue water.  Just 6 k.m away from Malvan. One can say ‘Sea at your doorsteps’ – just walk through your Resort and be on the beach any time you wish.

Tarkarli Beach is God-gifted with natural safety, famous for its crystal clarity water that one can actually see the seabed up to a depth of 20 ft. and its silver sand.   You can enjoy snorkelling scuba-diving, backwaters & boating with dolphins in your company

Tarkarli is a narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters, located at the convergence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. It is 546 k.m. away from Mumbai, 6 kms. south of Malvan, on the west coast of India.

This place has gained prominence because of its transparently clear seas, where on a fairly sunny day, one can see the sea- bed up to a depth of 20 feet. This beach can be rightly called as ‘Queen Beach’ of Sindhudurg. Sea and sand blending in enchanting natural harmony, gracefully cruising boats in calm and cool river waters add to the beauty of this beach. Here newly built M .T. D.C. Cottages are ready to provide you comfortable accommodation and recreation facilities.

Tarkarli is amongst the premiere destinations promoted by M.T.D.C. Located in Sindhudurg district bordering Goa, Tarkarli is amongst the southern most beaches in Maharashtra.

Part of the series of beaches in Malvan, Tarkarli is a small stretch of beach with Devbaug beach to its south and the Sindhudurg sea fort to its north.

Reaching Tarkarli:-

Sindhudurg and Kudal are the nearest railway stations near Tarkarli (about 30kms away) and is the best way to Travel to Tarkarli. By road Tarkarli is about 35 Kms off the NH17 from Kasal.


By Air: Nearest airport is Chipi Airport (Proposed) 3 km & Dabolim Airport in Goa.
By Rail: Following options exist:

Sindhudurg, but all trains don’t stop there and also connectivity by means of bus and rickshaw are not very good.
Kudal on the Konkan Railway. This is around 1 hour 15 minutes by road from Malvan. Buses are available from and to Malvan after every 30 minutes. Frequency is slow in the evening. If you want to go to Tarkarli directly, taxis and rickshaws are available from kudal station east, 700rs for taxi after a bit of bargaining. (November rate 2012) Takes you directly to tarkali beach road where you can find accommodation by asking the cab driver to stop for couple of minutes.

Kankavli on the Konkan Railway. This is around 1 hour 30 minutes by road from Malvan. Buses are available from and to Malvan after every 30 minutes. Frequency is slow in the evening.
By Road: Tarkarli is easily accessible from Malvan by bus (5 km; 9 rupees, March ’14) and rickshaw. Tarkarli is 475 km (Panvel Kochi Road, NH 17) and 576 km (Mumbai Kohlapur Road NH 4) away from Mumbai. Daily private, luxury and State Transport bus service available from various parts of Goa, Mumbai, Pune to Malvan.
Buses from/to Panaji: direct buses run from bus bay #2 at the KTC bus stand in Panaji to Malvan, take 4.5 hours and cost 125 rupees. However, Malvan lies off the national highway (NH-17) so direct buses are infrequent (they also take a longer route). The faster option is to break the journey in parts – Panaji to Sawantwadi (56 rupees; 1.5 hours), Sawantwadi to Kudal (the closest town to Malvan on NH-17; 19 rupees, 0.5 hours), and Kudal to Malvan (30 rupees, 1 hour 15 minutes) – the total time is thus reduced to 3 hour 15 minutes. When returning from Malvan, remember that buses are infrequent (at least one leaves at 2 pm to Kudal) so take whatever you get to Kudal and take connecting buses back to Panaji as described above(all prices Mar ’14). Don’t worry too much about the names of the bus stations if it is too much, ask the bus conductor where you need to break the journeys.


Things/Equipments to carry:

1. Bathing Suit (if it is warm out)
2. T-shirt (if it is warm out)
3. Sun block and lip balm
4. Sunglasses (optional)
5. Eye Glass Straps (if needed)
6. Old Sneakers, neoprene booties, or river shoes
7. Waterproof Camera
8. Energy Bar for the river (the outfitter may provide this)
9. Water or Gatorade (the outfitter may provide this)
10. Small Dry Bag (if they let you take it on the raft)
11. Zip Lock Baggies (to keep small things dry]
12. Towel or towels
13. Plastic Bag(s) (for wet things such as sneakers)
14. Change of Clothes (for the drive back)
15. Snack and drink (for the drive back)
16. Photo ID (if renting wetsuits and other gear)

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