Shock Katha Marathi Web Series | Are you a Virgin | Youtube

Webseries: Shock Katha
Language: Marathi
Release Date: 4th April, 2017.

How would you react when you hear the question, Are you Virgin?
Yes, you read that right!
You definitely would react in a manner shocking. This is what ‘Shock Katha’, a Marathi web series is all about. Tales of trust, some cruel some lustful.
A katha that is made into one by collecting kathas of various kind, but in a much shocking way.
Katha’s that happen everyday, that seem normal, but aren’t! Stories that we don’t pay much attention to!
Shock Katha is a series about events that bind us as humans and broadens our perspectives. It reveals the dark truths and the white lies. The webseries reveal facts we ignore, facts we don’t accept and are bind to it.
Get ready to face the dark truth of your everyday life! Get ready to get shocked by the Kathas, coming soon on 4th April, 2017.

shock katha marathi webseries

Maybe your story is shocking, realize it soon, if you won’t ‘Shock Katha’, would make you do that!

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