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Shaurya – Gatha Abhimanachi (Story of Pride) – The Maharashtra Police on Zee Yuva

Channel – Zee Yuva
Serial Timing – Friday and Saturday 09:00pm From 25/11/2016
Anchor – Sachin Khedekar
Director – Sachin Mohite.
Writer – Ajay Tamhane.
Art Direction – Vivek Deshpande.
Cinematography – Shahid.
Music – Amitraj



Zee, who doesn’t know what that is in India, a channel that serves an array of soap opera, belonging to every category of your inclination. And paying heed to content of realistic genre is a specialty of the M-town. The fraternity reckons to bond with the hearer-ship in a pattern, entailing personalities featured from every walk of life. Whether it be a story of a skillful artist, or maybe objectifying the subject of obesity, or marking a threshold of a genre of it’s own, or displaying a token praise for the strive , an individual has put into, making this industry one of it’s kind.
Expecting something top notch from this industry of Marathi dialect, never fails a spot of visual contentment, making it an unsullied version of entertainment. In the art of decorating this stream with pearls of concept of praise-worthy classification, annexes one ,“Shaurya- Gatha Abhimanachi” polished under director “Sachin Mohite”, a name acknowledge for a super-hit daily soap “Savdhan India”.
“Shaurya” is a token of homage to the police officers for their arduous aiding assistance in matters of disastrous circumstances constituting episodes that’ll will capture the struggles of individuals in uniform- Isaq Bagwan, first lady detection officer Hire math and Rakesh Mariya, and Madhukar Zende, the man known for capturing the elusive Charles Sobhraj airing on 25th November, 2016 only on Zee Yuva.
“Shaurya- Gatha Abhimanachi” will make your senses turn all attentive and your hormones all excited as it portrays stories narrated by the authentic cops on duty, the situations they confronted making us wear their shoes in a powerful realm.

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