Sai Tamhankar Upcoming Marathi Movie “YZ”

YZ marathi movie
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  • Movie : YZ (Bindhast Sanga Me YZ Aahe)
  • Star Cast: Sai Tamhankar, etc
  • Director : Sameer Vidwans
  • Producer : Sanjay Chhabria & Anish Joag
  • Writer : Kshitij Patwardhan
  • Presented By : Everest Entertainment & Pratisaad Productions
  • Genre : Drama
  • Release Date : June 2016

Kshitij Patwardhan and Sameer Vidwans, the writer-director duo behind Double Seat, one of 2015’s best entries returns this year with a blend of humour and emotion, YZ.

The title Yz is a Marathi cussword, redefined here as a hip new attitude, a fresh perspective on life. In the simplest terms, the story can be defined as a coming-of-age comedy but for a 33-year-old instead of a young kid.

YZ tells the story of a small town teacher, Gajanan, who ends up in Pune, and how his friendship with an 18-year-old called Battees, opens him up to a new world around him. If the film is anything like the director’s previous work, it will find a way to amuse the younger audience while not sticking to the conventions of the industry.

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