Riteish Deshmukh beautiful message through “Thank God Bappa” Song


Mumbai Film Company
Star Pravah
Producer : Genelia Deshmukh
Director – Kapil Sawant
DOP – Manoj Lobo
Music – Amar Mangrulkar
Editor – Adele Pereira
Lyrics – Kapil Sawant
Line Producer – Vinay Chaukar (Sukarma Films)
Sound Engineer – Abhay Rumde
Costume Designer – Puneet Jain, Amrita Sarkar
Art Director – Mandar Nagaonkar
Choreographer – Imran Malgunkar
Makeup – Nitin Indulkar
Online Editor – Mohammed Nadeem Akthar
VFX – Illusion Ethereal Studio
Subtitles – Shiv Kumar Parthasarathy

सादर करत आहोत या वर्षीचं बाप्पाचं सर्वात Cool गाणं. Thank God Bappa is a new song by Star Pravah and Mumbai Film Company surely makes you smile but at the same time make you think about the current Ganesh Festival.

The song is sung by Riteish Deshmukh and stars Ganesh Bappa and Riteish. The video has produced by Genelia Deshmukh and is clearly one of the best video welcoming Ganesh festival for this year.

Thank God Bappa Song

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