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Reti Marathi Movie:-

Reti is about the sand mafia, a remarkable subject for its capability to bridge the urban and the rural in a fine balance. Sand is mainly needed in urban areas for construction work and the demand is going up by the day. It’s illegally procured from riverbeds, causing water pollution, creating a nuisance for the villages as well as threatening to cause a full scale environmental disaster. Reti wants to deal with every aspect of the issue including the criminals as well as the affected villagers, environmentalists, builders, politicians and so on. This could have resulted in a fairly ambitious and complex film, but the end product here is a standard tale of Bollywood variety.

Reti Marathi Movie Review:-

The film more accessible, it has a lot of standard melodrama in dialogues, predictably choreographed action sequences, and songs at improbable moments. This takes away the advantage of the unusual premise, and makes it run of the mill. Playing it with straight realism would have made a lot more sense. The script has a lot of logic gaps, and the ending is predictable. What retains our interest to an extent are the performances of the three leads. I only wish they had more to do.

His faithful emperor empire anabhisikta sand sand mafia, sand repeatedly demanded that the film’s main character builder. Huge lust, hatred, money, jealousy, rivalry, competition and ‘ sand ‘ has been gumphanyata around. Also have been tempering common premakatheci.

Sand mafia samrajyacam inflammatory residence is on the screen to show the success of the director. The general audience is not the subject of accurate mandanyacam sivadhanusya pelalam effortless anytime. Maphiyancam empire, police action, including political interference and that the common citizen will experience dramatic portrayal filled film.

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