Ranjan Trailer : Love, Passionate & Heart Touching Song of “Lagir Zal Ra”

What pops up, to your mind when thinking about the good old days of school, messing around, getting into fights, having fun? But “Ranjan”, has something more to it, a plot holding four teenagers, of which two are in utter romance with each other expressing their feelings of how they feel for one another, on Ajay-Atul passionate music composition, dreaming, playing around, flying kites, asking how passionate one is for the other, making us crave the energy of the teenage love portrayed in the trailer.
From all the ideas we take with us to the movie theatres, to watch a Marathi masala movie with a hint of drama, some bits of tragedy, emotions and a touch of romance is what “Raanjan”, is all about. Director Prakash Janardan Pawar, has put together a movie that everyone would love to have a see, on 17th February 2017, with the teaming up actors Yash Kulkarni & Gauri Kulkarni.
Twisting the story, with a wish the girl desires for the boy to fulfill, of him stating it to be something of all difficulties. In a quest, to follow, what is asked for, on the footsteps of Shivaji Maharaj. Will the boy, obey what is asked for? Will he get what the girl wanted him to do? Through the path of Shivaji Maharaj, awaiting to find that out on 17th February, 2017 on this Shiv Jayanti, book your tickets to find out, what these kids are up to, through the path of “Shivaji”.
Please do watch the Trailer, and leave comments below.

Ranjan Marathi Movie
Starring – Yash Kulkarni & Gauri Kulkarni
Studio – Shree Mahaganpati Entertainment.
Director – Prakash Janardan Pawar
Associate Director – Aamira Iska Shaikh.
Producer – Ravindra Kailas Harapale
Co-Producer – Yogesh Jaysing Zende, Jaywant Jyotiba Kale, Mayur Satyawan Sasane.
Screenplay – Prakash Janardhan Pawar
Dialogues – Prakash Janardan Pawar, Nilesh Bhosale.
Cinematography – Santosh Kadapure.
Art Direction – Harshvardhan Ingale
Editor – Mayur Hardas.
Writer – Prakash Janardan Pawar
Music and Background – Narendra Bhide
Lyrics – Vaibhav Joshi (Lagira Zhala Ra), Ganesh Nigade (Maate Maate Song)
Costumes – Nigar Isak Shaikh.
Make Up – Kiran Sidgiddi.
Singer – Ajay Gogavale (Lagir Zhala Ra)
Release Date – 17 February 2017

Trailer / Teaser

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