Naagin Shivanya Find A Fifth killer as ‘Kamini Devi’


Sunday episode started on a rather dramatic note courtesy the crucial climax of saturday episode. So did Yamini succeed in getting Ritik married to Shesha? Well, you wish. Although they were almost on the verge of completing their saat pheras but Shivanya arrived in time and disrupted their wedding. Speaking of which, Shivanya even fought with Shesha feeling betrayed. However, Shesha defended saying how she wasn’t ready for the marriage and it was a forced one. But for all that we know, Shesha is secretly in love with Ritik and was hoping to get married to him.

On the other side, Yamini continues with her evil plans. While Shesha and Shivanya look out for the fifth killer. Yamini gets another step closer to the Naagmani. With the help of Guruma, she figures out that the Naagmani is with Ritik’s father, who’s hiding in the Raj Mahal.

However, all this while Shivyana has been under a wrong impression that Ritik’s father is the fifth killer and tries to trace him. Then how does she find out Yamini is the fifth killer? So she follows Yamini and on reaching the Raj Mahal, she happens to see Yamini exposing her true colours and blackmailing Ritik’s father on gunpoint. Shivanya is shocked looking at this sight and feels heartbroken that she was blindly trusting Yamini, without knowing she is the mastermind behind her parents’ death.

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