Muramba Teaser : The sizzling Love of Amey & Mithila

‘Dashami Studioz’, has clicked the replay button of your growing up times. ‘Muramba’, a Marathi Movie, that is going to make you feel the warmth of your childhood, by debutant director ‘Varun Narvekar’, who thought of writing this movie of sweet love.

No description needed, the poster says it all, which was recently revealed on all the social media platforms! The cuddling two pair of socks worn by a guy and a girl, with cups of tea amidst the chaotic life of the city. The warmth of the title ‘Muramba’, can be seen in the poster, playing all the moments you enjoyed in your favorite days. ‘Muramba’, seems be that newness you miss!
And to add a tingling to the newness, the teaser of ‘Muramba’ is out! Yes the wait is over, but after the poster release revealing Amey and Mithila in the film brought up many questions altogether!
The couple whose dating news were all over the, during the season of Valentine’s, Amey Wagh surprised us all by making it official on his social media account captioning #myvalentine.
By announcing their love, on a social media platform the versatile actor Amey Wagh and the multi-talented youtuber, singer,actor ‘Mithila Palkar’, broke many hearts.

muramba marathi movie
But, are those announcement real? Are were those only for the film promotion? Hmm, or maybe a wrong timing to come out with two news, one after the other!
Who knows the truth, behind it? But we are already loving them both!

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