Muramba Poster : The Lovebirds Amey Wagh & Mithila Palkar

muramba marathi movie

The warmth of the previous poster of ‘Muramba’, has spread all over the place, reminding us of the good old days of our childhood.
The warmth of the title ‘Muramba’, can be seen in the 1st poster, playing all the moments you enjoyed in your favorite days, the cuddling two pair of socks worn by a guy and a girl, with cups of tea amidst the chaotic life of the city. ‘Muramba’, seems be that newness you miss!

And to add a cherry on the pile of sweet fluffy cuddliness, one more poster has been out, featuring Amey Wagh and Mithila Palkar.
Yes, the new lovebirds of M-tow! The couple whose dating news were all over the, during the season of Valentine’s, Amey Wagh surprised us all by making it official on his social media account captioning #myvalentine .
By announcing their love, on a social media platform the versatile actor Amey Wagh and the multi-talented youtuber, singer,actor ‘Mithila Palkar’, broke many hearts. As if the announcement, wasn’t enough the duo hit us with ‘Muramba’. The 3rd poster of the movie released today. The warmth of the title, the poster and between the couple is clearly seen, making us all jealous, wishing for a love like that in our lives.
Amey and Mithila, is the cute young couple of Marathi fraternity, and are surely going to spread the cuteness in the film ‘Muramba’, like exactly seen in the poster.
Do you crave for a bond like Amey & Mithila? If you do, comment below to tell us, with whom you want to create your ‘Muramba’, poster!

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